Jiao & Cuo

Jiao & Cuo — for Cello, Quintet.net und Video (2011)

Cello 大提琴: Yen-Ting Liu 刘彦廷
Video 视频: Daniel Dominguez
Laptop 音频: Florian Vitez
27.06.2012 Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (HfMT)


“Jiao Cuo” is the transliteration (pinyin) for the Chinese characters “交错” and means interdependence and entanglement. I have portrayed my hometown Zhengzhou under the aspects of modernity and originality, liveliness, togetherness and solitude as well as simplicity and complexity.
The cello as an acoustic instrument is contrasted with two networked laptops in order to symbolize the inner conflict of modern Chinese society between its traditional roots and belief in the (technological) future. All audio materials have been recorded in Zhengzhou.

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