Der Mond in Wogen

Der Mond in Wogen — für eine Tänzerin, Schlagzeug, Djster und Kinect (2012)

Performer: Lin Chen
HfMT Hamburg 18.01.2014

In China, the Mid-Autumn Fest (Chinese 中秋节 Zhongqiujie) is on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month according to the traditional calendar. The festival is also known as the Moon Festival, since the moon plays a central role here. The plea for security and togetherness in the family is crucial.

In Der Mond in Wogen (The Moon in waves)— for dancer/percussionist and multimedia I talk about the melancholy of a Chinese woman in a foreign land who can not be together with her family during the Moon Festival.
In this piece I use a Max4Live Device (DJster, Max port by Georg Hajdu of Clarence Barlow’s real-time pitch and rhythm generator AUTOBUSK) as well as a Kinect, a 3D camera built by Microsoft. Via the Kinect, the movements of the dancer control pitch, rhythm, dynamics of the music.

Keywords: Interactive performance, Kinect, live video processing, algorithmic composition

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